Izeyah Déun stage name "Iza Déun" born July 12, 1988 is a South African/Saudi Arabian singer & songwriter. Born in Saudi Arabia and raised by his grandparents of (African-Canadians descent) in east London, South Africa. This Los Angeles based singer-songwriter was inspired to pursue a music career ever since the age of 13 years old! performing in school plays and developing and experimenting with music and vocals.The development in his unique style is the result of 15 years of musical influence. Growing up, Iza was always surrounded by different forms of arts. His grandmother an R&B singer-songwriter and vocalist taught him the arts of songwriting and helped him write his first song titled ( She's Gone ) & ( Midnight Love ) at the age of 16. Unfortunately, Iza's musical journey was shutdown at an early age when he discovered that he can't pursue his music due to his culture and family traditions and restrictions in Saudi.This 29 year old singer never stopped to appreciate what his grandmother taught him and is now ready to pursue his music career as a professional solo artist in the pop culture. He took his time to  develop a persona to conceal his real identity to uphold his reputation to make him irrelevant to others


"Alexa Hill's vocals are
like futuristic sounds"

                                                             - MixMagazine


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